Communications from readers and viewers of
Making and Mastering Wood Planes

“I purchased your book and a 2” iron several months ago and excitedly prepped a blank for a smoother and a jointer as soon as I received the book. Those blanks languished under my bench until some free time opened up a couple of days ago.  The clarity and specificity of your book made the time spent on this an absolute joy and sincerely one of the most satisfying things I have ever made.  I have attached a couple of photos of the finished plane.”
[image above]  ~ Michael G.

“I wanted to let you know I really appreciated your book. It’s the missing manual to all of the planes I already own, and the groundwork for the ones I am sure I will build. I can’t tell you how much your book has changed the way I work, and even think about the process of woodworking.”   ~ Ryan C.

“Making and Mastering Wood Planes is the best written book on the subject of woodworking that I have read (and I’m a confirmed book junkie)! I was very pleased with both the breadth and depth. It has helped me tremendously.”
~ Don C.

“…I have sung your praises to my friend about your wonderful book and video. There are so many helpful points seemingly in about every sentence. Both the book and the video shows that you spent a lot of time in preparation in getting excellent camera shots and thinking of every helpful point. It is not that I have not ever worked with wood. Quite the contrary, it is why I appreciated every aside you point out because I have been there on the wrong side of knowledge for pert nigh all my life. Perfect voice and delivery makes it easy to follow…”
~ George M.

“Thank you for an excellent book and packing it with all the bonus information that is above and beyond what I was expecting.”
~ Ross F.

“I just finished up watching your video. It’s simply amazing how many topics, ideas, and techniques are covered and used in making a hand plane. This should truly be one of the first things you do if you are serious about woodworking. Thanks so much for making this video and making it available to everyone…very inspiring.”
~ Ben B.

“I have read and viewed your book and DVD re Krenov type planes.  They are excellent providing many helpful insights and techniques. I am an amateur woodworker trying to improve my hand tool skills; the book and DVD are now valuable resources.'”
~ Lawson L.