The Book & Video

Making and Mastering Wood Planes -- book and DVD by David Finck

The Book   

192 pages, 245 color photos, 93 drawings, soft cover, Smyth-sewn,
5th printing.

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A recognized classic in the field. The book will guide any level of woodworker through all the steps and procedures in great detail, to arrive at a hand plane that is a  joy to work with. Many fundamentals of fine woodworking are taught along  the way making this an ideal project for the novice. Adjusting and using the plane is detailed, as is use of the cabinet scraper – sister to the hand plane. Other projects include making a small hammer for adjusting the blade and making a marking knife. Also, consider purchasing a blade for your plane.

A fine hand plane tops my list of remarkably useful woodworking hand tools and shop-made wooden planes are among the best — at a fraction of the cost of high-end metal planes. Wood planes will make invisible edge joints, trim end-grain cleanly and accurately, bring surfaces to gleaming perfection, and allow you to work with extraordinary accuracy. They can be adjusted more accurately, and will hold those adjustments better than any other type of plane. They also accept extra-thick blades of highest quality steel. And then, wood planes simply feel great in the hand.


The Video

The video provides over 4-1/2 hours of detailed  instruction on making and using wood planes, closely following the format and content of my book. The book or the video will get you to a working plane. Purchased together the book and video make for a comprehensive learning experience — the next best thing to private instruction. Available as a two-DVD set or by streaming (a cost-saving option, especially for international customers, as there is no shipping charge).

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